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Welcome to Cleanitz

We are a new cleaning agency introducing reliable efficient cleaners to both domestic and small commercial clients. Although Cleanitz is a new agency both the directors, Justine Line and Louise Garnham have their own successful cleaning businesses, therefore plenty of experience and expertise.

Cleanitz acts as an agent, we advertise for and interview both Clients and Cleaners, once we’re happy that we’ve found a suitable match then you will be introduced to the client, either Justine or Louise will accompany you on this first visit. It is then down to you and the client to discuss cleaning tasks and schedules, although we do have to insist that tasks carried out are pre-approved by Cleanitz for insurance purposes.

The Client will pay you directly on the day of the clean either in cash or via bank transfer, if that’s what you and the client both agree to do. You will be working on a self-employed basis, which means you will be responsible for paying your own Tax and National Insurance. Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it seems, we have included a link to the .gov.uk website at the back of this handbook, it’s a great website and explains everything you need to know.


Joining Cleanitz register of cleaners

So, you’ve heard about us and are interested in joining Cleanitz register, what next?

When you contact us, we arrange a date and time to come to your home and interview you. Justine and Louise interview all the cleaners and clients. During your interview we will need to confirm your identity, eligibility to work in the UK and references. We will also need to take details to carry out a DBS check. Once we are satisfied with all the checks, and you are satisfied with us, you will be placed on our register.

At the interview we will discuss how many hours you would like to work and how far you are able to travel for work, obviously the more flexible you are the quicker we can build your client base.

Cleanitz will provide you with a joining pack when you are placed on our register including; an apron, a good practice guide, earnings tracking sheets and all our contact details. Cleanitz will pay for your DBS check using an online service.

Cleanitz will follow up all references and will require your referees to provide written references which will be held on file.

All your personal data will be held and processed in accordance with the current GDPR compliance legislation.

When working for a Cleanitz introduced client you will be covered by Cleanitz insurance, if you work within the restraints of our policy.

Upon joining Cleanitz register we will gradually build you a regular client base. Please be patient it can take a little time as we carefully match cleaners and clients, however the more reliable and efficient you are the quicker we will be able to grow your client base. In addition to your regular clients we may occasionally ask you to cover other cleaners’ clients when they are sick or on holiday. We also carry out one off cleans which are paid at a slightly higher rate.

Reliability, honesty and exceptional standards of cleaning are a must for all cleaners registered with Cleanitz. You will be expected to continue with all your regular cleans during school holidays. You must not take anyone else into the clients’ property including your own children.

The client provides all cleaning equipment and materials, you just provide the labour. We suggest that you leave a note for your client when your cleaning supplies are running low.

We do insist for insurance purposes that you follow the manufactures directions for use the cleaning materials and that any ‘bleach’ or ‘with bleach’ products are not used as you will not be covered by Cleanitz insurance.



At Cleanitz we want to be a fair Cleaning agency, ensuring that all cleaners on our register are paid a fair wage and only have realistic expectations put upon them. In keeping with this we stipulate that the Client must pay you a minimum of £10 per hour, although the client can pay you more than this if they wish to do so,  and  a minimum cleaning time of two hours per clean.

We insist that the client pays you on the day of the clean, should you have any issues with clients making late payments please either raise the issue with your client if you feel able to do so or you can call us at Cleanitz and we will address this with the clients on your behalf.


Managing your regular clients.

Now you have starting to build your own client base, it is up to you to keep your clients satisfied. You will need to be reliable and have exceptional cleaning standards.

It is your responsibility to inform both the client and Cleanitz when you intend to take holiday, preferably we would ask four weeks’ notice of holiday, however if that’s not possible then please give as much notice as possible.

If you are unable to work due to sickness or sickness of a dependant then please give both the Client and Cleanitz as much notice as possible.

Please remember that being self-employed you will not get paid when you don’t work. Keeping this in mind it is in the best interest of both you and your client if you can try to rearrange your clean for later in the week if you feel you would be up to working by then.

If you do not think you will be fit to work later in the week or you are unable to rearrange an alternative cleaning day with your client, please let us know at Cleanitz and we will do our best to cover your clean, keeping your client happy.


Client’s keys.

At Cleanitz we recommend the client installs a key safe however some of your clients will give you keys to their property. You are entirely responsible for these keys, Cleanitz does not hold any client keys. If you finish working with a client you must return their keys straight away, do not post them to the client. You must never label them with the clients’ name and address, instead use a coding system.


Loyalty to Cleanitz.

Occasionally clients may ask you to work for them directly without going through Cleanitz, this is a major breech of the Clients contract with Cleanitz and will be taken seriously and any work you do for a client when the client is no longer registered with Cleanitz or has ceased paying their monthly agency fees, will NOT be covered by Cleanitz insurance.

For you this may be a tempting offer, however unfortunately, should a cleaner choose to work privately for a Cleanitz introduced client without the Client continuing with their Cleanitz registration and paying our agency fees, we will remove the cleaner from our register and reassign all their regular clients

This applies until either you or the client have been off Cleanitz register for a minimum of six calendar months.

At Cleanitz we pride ourselves on being a fair cleaning agency and we insist that clients treat all the cleaners with respect and with realistic expectations; in return we ask for and highly value your loyalty to Cleanitz.


We are here for you

At Cleanitz we know that cleaners can at times have issues with clients.

If you have any concerns with a client, we ask you to talk to us, we are here to try to resolve these issues for you and we will happily liaise with the client on your behalf.  

We want you to be happy whilst working with Cleanitz clients and we will do what we can to ensure this.


Stopping cleaning for Cleanitz clients.

We appreciate that personal circumstances change and there may come a time when you no longer wish to work with Cleanitz clients. We highly value all Cleanitz registered cleaners and we will be sorry to see you go. We ask that you inform us before informing the clients, this gives us the opportunity to reassign them to another cleaner.

You will be required to give one month’s notice if you intend to stop working for Cleanitz.

We would like to remind you that you may not work for a Cleanitz registered client until at least six calendar months after leaving our register, doing so will be a breach of Cleanitz contracts.


By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that for tax purposes you will not be employed by Cleanitz, you will be self-employed, it is your responsibility to manage your own self-employment.  




 o By ticking this box, you agree to and fully understand the above agreement.


 o By ticking this box, you agree to Cleanitz storing your personal data whilst you remain on Cleanitz register.


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Cleanitz is a Limited Liability Partnership between Justine Line and Louise Garnham